Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Announcing: American Athenaeum

Friend, cohort and co-creator of The Marran Group, Hunter Liguore is now launching American Athenaeum, a literary journal. It will contain "a variety of fiction and poetry, along with regular columns that run the gamut of American arts. We consider this journal to be a museum of artistic endeavors, filled with cultural appreciation and stories that not only teach, but demonstrate the frailty of the human condition" -

I will be managing editor for the YA issue (Young Adult) so sharpen your pens or pencils and/or computers and submit to:
Just look for Submission Manager and choose. AA offers many venues: Japan Tribute, Speculative Fiction, YA, Community, Compassion, and a General Issue. You can also submit to 1 Bookshelf, reviews, and several other categories on Hunter's site.

This is an exciting new opportunity for writers, young and old, new and established. We look forward to hearing from you.

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